Colors play a minor role in Vaastu and hence it is not considered seriously. one of the many ways to work with color in a Vaastu home is by choosing colors that honor the direction and the element associated with each it.

Colours of earth

The earth element is predominant in the southwest. In earlier times most colored pigments were derived from the earth itself – from rock, soil, plants, barks of trees, and flowers. Earth’s color is defined by the earthy tones associated with the soil – shades of brown, cinnamon, ochre, sienna, and sepia among others.

Colours of water

The color dominating the northeast side is blue. Blues and bluish-greens are associated with the cool element of water. Honor the northeast by using light shades of blue, have actual water features or even pictures of water.

Colours of fire

Flame colors of golden yellow, red, and golden orange, pale rather than intense, acknowledge the fire energies present in the southeast. Imagine the color of apricot on the walls of your kitchen. It can be quite uplifting, turning kitchen chores into a delight. You can try some fiery accents in other southeast rooms of your home.

Colours of air

Air colors are subtle and very elusive. They are portrayed as light and delicate silver and white. These colors will resonate with the air element, which is predominantly in the northwest.

Colors of space

The expansiveness of space does not have a particular color assigned to it since it is such a subtle element. However, the center where the space element is most lively is luminous and golden. A subtle shade of golden hue will make this space precious, radiant, and beautiful.

Think about it, always remember, attention to details is key when decorating your abode into a Vaastu compliant abode. Choose colors that infer something spiritual, uplifting, and eternal for those 4 walls of your precious universe.