1. The plot of almost square and rectangular shape is preferable so as to avoid wastage while planning for approval and also for better utility purposes.
  2. A mild slope towards east and north is preferable to ensure filling is done at minimum cost and filling is as per Vastu ensuring water drains towards the northeast direction.
  3. Land with mild variation is preferable so to prevent the extra cost of cutting/filling.
  4. Lands with a permanent electrical transmission line to avoid as building cannot be constructed due to ht electrical line crossing.
  5. Lands closer to railway crossing to avoid as we require railway noc and also we cannot build anything within 100m distance from the railway track.
  6. Lands closer to any burial ground to be avoided as we cannot build any permanent structures within 500m radius from the burial ground.
  7. Lands very closer to has to be avoided since we require special government clearance and hence its land cost appreciation is also less.
  8. Land with permanent bigger dry wells to avoid as filling cost will be very high and also construction cost will be high as structure as to designed so as the load isn’t transferred to the good area.
  9. Land with unbreakable hard rock stratum at the very top level to be avoided
  10. Also land with very soil requires higher foundation cost.
  11. Lands closer to the airport require coordinated height clearance and hence multi-story building approval will not be permitted.
  12. Land classification to be checked whether it suits our building type, if not land conversion is costly, and if in case if the land falls in wet Agri classification then it is to be avoided.
  13. Lands close to hills area require has committee clearance which is again time consuming and expensive
  14. Also to check whether any scheme road is proposed for the future purpose by the government in the land that we purchase.