Rainwater harvesting system is one of the most efficient and practical solutions for new-age apartments to obviate the harrowing experience of the water crisis. This technique of water conservation can effectively address the pains of the urban populace without putting a strain on natural resources. In this process, the rainwater is collected and then directed towards a storage tank where it is preserved for future usage and during times of need.

Such a technique spares people the problems of running out of water and since the water is collected naturally from rains, the existing water resources and groundwater are saved from being depleted. Let us study in a bit more detail the usefulness of the rainwater harvesting system and its benefits for the residents of green buildings.

  • Easy to maintain and cost-effective: rooftop rainwater harvesting system is quite easy to implement. All we need is a catchment (area or roof where water will accumulate), pipes for water transportation, a filter system (to flush out pollutants and debris), and finally the storage tank. Every equipment and appliance can be attained easily and after the initial investment, not much is required for maintenance purposes.
  • Easy preservation of water: it is a hassle-free process of saving water and channelizing it to storage tanks for future use. The rainwater which often becomes a problem by forming puddles and dirt pools is instead utilized for completing household chores. In just one building itself, a lot of residents can benefit from the installation of a rainwater harvesting system.
  • Solves immediate problems and has long-term benefits: with the backup of water from storage tanks, one can be worry-free about water distress and enjoy an uninterrupted water supply at all hours of the day. Apart from direct usage, a rainwater harvesting system is also carried out to replenish natural aquifers and recharge the groundwater table. Thus there are long-term benefits too.
  • Reduces the usage of potable water: potable water is supplied by the municipal corporations and it is provided as per the demand raised by a particular colony. By implementing a rainwater harvesting system, individuals can reduce their dependency on potable water. Eventually, such a practice on a large scale will reduce the cost of water supply. It makes the community self-sufficient and environmentally more responsible.
  • Saving on the water bills: as mentioned before, rainwater harvesting is totally economical. Water is today’s world has become more valuable than gold or petrol. With rooftop rainwater harvesting, one is effortlessly channeling natural water for various utilities without exploiting the resources even more. Much energy is saved in pumping or treating water and one basically has easy access to the reservoir for all purposes.