1. Effective management of resources and cost-savings

According to estimates by the energy and resources institute (teri), if all buildings in india’s urban areas were to adopt green construction principles, india could save more than 8400 megawatts of power, which is enough to light 5,50,000 homes a year. if we switch to green construction in India, we could not only save the environment but reduce our total ownership costs as well.

2. Higher living standards and productivity

The impact of green construction on our quality of living has become much more apparent in recent years. green buildings are designed to be healthier and have a more enjoyable environment, which leads to reduced stress and higher productivity.

3.Improved habitat

Green construction considers location as one of the most fundamental aspects of the entire project. by selecting a location with optimum surroundings, sun exposure and air quality, we can enhance a building’s sustainability and biodiversity.