1)Wooden – Used mostly in residential constructions for elegance and a homely feel.  it is costlier and sometimes tends to develop cracks in due course due to poor quality or poor seasoning method. The color of the wood mostly depends on the natural bark and it can be polished but cannot be painted if needed.

2)Steel – Used mostly at factory buildings mainly to withstand rough handling of workers .any paint color can be applied according to the elevation and is economical compared to wooden windows and it requires frequent painting maintenance in order to avoid corrosion.

3)UPVC – Most commonly used window material in all types of commercial buildings mostly as it is pure maintenance-free and is washable. 3-4 color options are only available. it is air-tight and dustproof too. also requires very little manufacturing and fixing time and is slightly costlier than steel windows.

4)Aluminium window: local aluminum windows are the most cost-effective option which can be used in economical Commerical building but it is not durable compared to other materials. nowadays we get imported aluminum windows which is the best finish and quality material and comes with any desired powder coated colors but it is the most costlier option and hence preferred for the elegant project only.