Load bearing :

For single and double-story residential buildings with the closer spacing of walls – 9” load-bearing masonry walls are more than sufficient. But we must not do any major change or alteration in these load-bearing 9” walls as it withstands the slab load. The main advantage is separation cracks can be avoided in this method and it’s an economical option.

Framed structure:

For long spaced commercial buildings with one or more floors framed is the suitable option where columns are alone raised and slabs are cast and later masonry work is done which acts as a partition member alone.in this option, any alteration can be done as walls don’t carry any load but the only disadvantage is there will be separation cracks in between beam bottom and masonry work which can be arrested by doing proper chicken mesh plastering.

Composite method :

Another possibility of constructing a building with a single or double-story wherein columns are raised similar to framed construction and then masonry work is done as per load-bearing construction and then the slab is cast. In this method, cracks can be avoided and at the same time, long-span is achieved.