VCPL : Building on the Cornerstone of Trust and Reliability

Fashioning the Architecture of Construction Services

Taking a quantum leap from the usual exercise of services in construction, we offer our clients a refreshing approach to superior aesthetics with complete “start-to-finish” solutions. Fashioned with high-value standards, we offer turnkey projects such as: Approval works, Civil works, Structural design, Elevational design, Electrical and plumbing work, All other finishing works, Tax assement works.

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About Viswanathan Constructions

Since 1987 we have blending unique talent with state-of-the-art trends in construction, Viswanathan Constructions Private Limited invites you to discover a sophisticated skyline fashioned with the spirit of freedom and functionality. We have kept up with the trends in the building arena and have infused a strong foundation of character, the latest in technology and aesthetics into our structures.

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